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Supertooth3    BlueAnt Supertooth 3 Carkit Speakerphone

The New BlueAnt Supertooth 3 Bluetooth Car kit Speakerphone has an excellent sound quality and unique features such us TTS (Text  to Speech), Voice answer, Up to 800 Hours standby and 15 hours talk time!

Price: $ 41.99 / Each

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What You Should Know
What You Should Know
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Product Wiki

Keeping your hands on the wheel & your eyes on the road

The BlueAnt Supertooth 3 handsfree speakerphone provides a safer, legal alternative to talking on your cell phone while you drive. Voice prompts provide assistance to help you connect the device with your phone and upload your address book. The Supertooth 3 announces the name or ID of the caller when the phone rings - just say 'OK' to accept the call. Install the Supertooth 3 in seconds for a totally handsfree experience.

Incorporating sophisticated 'Text-to Speech' software; the Supertooth 3 represents the very latest in Bluetooth sun-visor speakerphone technology. Its outstanding audio quality is a result of advanced Digital Signal Processing software to eliminate noise and achieve echo cancellation, regardless of whether the car is stationary or travelling at high speed. It also adjusts sound levels to compensate for loud engine noise or external noise created when the windows are wound down.

The device requires no installation and is quickly and easily installed and connected to your cell phone. Simply slide the metal clip onto your sun-visor and attach the Supertooth 3 via the magnets on the rear of the device. The voice prompts provide guidance and assistance to help pair the device and upload your cell phone's address book. When a call is received, the Supertooth 3 announces the incoming caller's name or number. Simply say 'OK' to accept the call. There is no need to take your hands off the wheel or remove your eyes from the road, making the Supertooth 3 a safer and legal alternative to driving while on the phone.

ncorporating a choice of 6 languages including American English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and British English, the Supertooth 3 can be easily programmed to suit your individual needs. The Supertooth 3 can be paired with up to 8 devices and supports voice dial activation, redial and call reject (mobile phone setting dependent).

> Bluetooth v2.0
> TTS Text to Speech - a voice announces incoming 'callers' name or Caller ID
> Announces device status, call status and setup instructions for use
> Voice Answer - answer calls with your voice. No button press needed
> Automatic Vibration Sensor Reconnection
> Choice of 6 languages (British English, American English, French, Italian, Spanish and German)

> Full DSP Noise Cancellation/Echo Cancellation
> Full Duplex, high performance speaker
> Automatic connection and reconnection with notification
> Digital Volume Control
> Can also be charged directly from a PC via USB Cable (not included)
> Fix to the sun-visor via a two sided magnetic clip - no installation costs
> Supports voice dial activation, redial and call reject
> Pairs with up to 8 Bluetooth devices
> 2 Year Replacement Warranty


Manufacturer's Warranty

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Product Reviews
ConditionOpen Box
Battery LifeTT:10-hrs, ST:14-days
ConnectivityMultipoint - Easy Pair
Noise Cancel1-Mic
Special FeaturesVoice Control & SMS Reader